“Speechless – Trump White House is now muzzling, bypassing, and kneecapping the CDC,”

Epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding . . . “No other ways to spin this.” Common Dreams, “Warnings of Possible Cover-Up in Progress”

I was hoping I could get the clip of Doctor Wen discussing what the Trump administration has done in its end run around the CDC. I couldn’t C&P the embed code as it is in a lock down and I do not have the wave length to create one for it. You can view the news clip here “Trump Orders Hospitals to give him the data.”

Common Dreams has a good article up concerning Trump’s take over of the Hospital Covid Data reporting. The general opinion is the data will be massaged into a better outlook favoring Trump and his followers. I do not read of many people claiming different about the political nature of this take over. Alex Azar’s H.H.S. will replace the C.D.C. in collecting daily reports about the patients each hospital is treating, how many beds and ventilators are available, and other information vital to tracking the pandemic.

Four former CDC directors wrote in a Washington Post op-ed Tuesday that “no president has ever politicized [the CDC’s] science the way Trump has.”

In the WaPo po-ed, Tom Frieden, Jeffrey Koplan, David Satcher, and Richard Besser wrote: “Trying to fight this pandemic while subverting scientific expertise is like fighting blindfolded. It is not too late to give the CDC its proper role in guiding this response. But the clock is ticking.”