Daily Cases: Coronavirus:New York vs. Rest of US

It looks like many states are preparing to end stay at home quarantine.

If you look at the numerous charts around on the number of new  coronavirus-19 cases reported each day it looks encouraging.  They show a peaking and a very slow decline or at best a  plateau.

However, this plateau is the product of two very different curves for New York city and the rest of the country.  It is New York city falling and the rest of the country rising significantly.

Don’t Be Fooled by America’s Flattening Curve

Don’t Be Fooled by America’s Flattening Curve, NYT, Nathaniel Lash, May 6, 2020

This looks very much like the various state governments could be lifting the quarantine just as they experience a surge in new cases.

For example, in Texas the 7 day moving average of the daily reported  Coronavirus  cases has just exceeded 1,000 for the first time.