TPM has the Running Dialogue between Stone’s Attorneys and the Court – Update

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Roger Stone Is Sentenced

“Tierney Sneed is at the federal courthouse in DC.” Live Blogging

I believe Judge Amy Berman Jackson is getting close to Sentencing Stone.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is back and starts off: “Unsurprisingly, I have a lot to say,”

Judge Berman Jackson signals that she is also not going to go with Stone’s proposal for only probation.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has sentenced Trump ally Roger Stone to 40 months in prison.

Updated developments during the Hearing beyond the Leap

Judge Amy Berman Jackson questioning Assistant U.S. Attorney John Crabb.

(Assistant U.S. Attorney John Crabb seemed to endorse the same, technical logic prosecutors had used in generating their recommendation in the first sentencing memorandum.)

Judge Amy Berman Jackson: “I fear that you know less about the case, saw less of the testimony, and saw less of the exhibits than just about any other person in this courtroom”

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Did it get up to the US Attorney?

Crabb Yes.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson: Did it have to go up to Main Justice?

Crabb: There were consultations with Main Justice.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson: Did they receive the approval?

Crabb: My understanding is “there was a miscommunication between the Attorney General and the United States Attorney,” as to the AG’s expectations on an appropriate filing.  There was nothing in bad faith with the initial prosecution team’s recommendation.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson: It’s not about bad faith. It was fully consistent with current DOJ policy, wasn’t that true?

Crabb: Yes

Judge Amy Berman Jackson: With respect to the second filing — you signed it. Did you write it?

Crabb: I’m not at liberty to discuss the internal deliberations in DOJ.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson: Were you directed to write it by someone else?

Crabb: I can’t answer.

Crabb concludes: “this was a righteous prosecution and he trusts the court to impose a just sentence.”

Ginsberg: “Mr. Stone has many admirable qualities, loves animals, involved in various charitable activities, devoted to his family.”

That discussion is an indictment of other parties involved.