Off topic: two solutions to home delivery theft

Off topic: two solutions to home delivery theft

By now we all know that theft of packages delivered to people’s home doorstep is a big problem. Here are pictures of two solutions:1. Massive 1984-style and easily hackable home monitoring. Or even worse, the ability of the delivery person to open the homeonwer’s garage to leave the package inside.

2. A large 1950’s style milkbox:

For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, the milkbox was built into the side wall of a garage and had doors that could be opened and locked from the inside on each side.

The homeowner unlocked the outside door. When the milk was delivered and the milkman closed the outside door, it would lock from the inside. When the homeowner wanted to retrieve the milk, they opened the inside door.

Make the box wider to accommodate larger sized packages. Problem solved.