North Korean Near-Famine Leads To Dead Nuclear Negotiators

North Korean Near-Famine Leads To Dead Nuclear Negotiators

It has not been officially reported by the North Korean govt, but long running rumors are now being reported by various  serious media that Trump’s big pal Kim Jong Un has recently killed the top 5 officials of his govt who set up his  failed summit with US President Trump.

According to sources I watch there has been a massive crop failure this year in the Democratic Peoples’ Republic (DPRK). The big issue there is if the local, semi-allowed private markets in ag will save the population from outright starvation. At this time this is not  known.

So this difficult situation may be partly responsible for Kim Jong Un killing the top five negotiators with the US on nuclear weapons for the summit in Hanoi.  In addition, reportedly five more senior officials have been sent to rural labor, or something like that.

The lead official word from the DPRK side is that the person Kim Jong Il killed was Kim Hok Choi, I apologize if I have misspelled his name. But I have it close, and I send my best regards to his family and the families of those others whom were also reportedly killed.  As well as this unfortunate team,  four more beyond Kim Hok Choi were executed, and five more were sent to rural labor camps, including one alleged to be a “right hand man” of Kim Jong Un.

The unclear question is how much will the unofficial private markets in DPRK will save people from outright starvation/famine. The deepest  sources ai have followed say that it is unclear.  DPKR is not a “normal” country, and we have no way to know what is actually going on there now.

Given that his nation is facing food shortages, it is not surprising that he may be facing an internal challenge, and now we see that manifested by him overcoming any inside opposition by killing these five individuals.  Reportedly five more individuals suffered being expelled to the countryside, including Kim Jong Un’ s “right hand man.”

A serious and unresolved issue at this point is how the unofficial private markets may save people there from starving to death.

Barkley Rosser