100 Percent Of US Senate Against MBS

100 Percent Of US Senate Against MBS

Wow. Sometime ago here, I called for Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al Sa’ud, (MbS) to be rmoved from his position. How he is punished beyond that for his crimes, I do not care, especially as I think being prevented from becoming the King of Saudi Arabia will be for him the worst punishment.

So for once the US Senate agrrees with me, 100%, really. Hey, I have to cheer such an event that has never happened brfore and probably will not again. Yay! The US Senate has voted 100% to declare that MbS is guilty for ordering the murder of Kamal Khashoggi. They are right. He is guilty guilty guilty.

He needs to be removed, and the sooner the broader Saudi royal family figures this out and moves to replace him, the better, really, for the world as a whole, given the ongoing important role that nation plays in the world economy worldwide. It is clear thart he came to power thanks to Jared Kushner and the Trump admin, who supported his coup removal of his predecessor, Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Sa’ud, who was deeply respected by US mil-intel apparati. MbS had become Defense Sec and was able to send his guys to MbN’s palace and imprison him until he gave up and let MbS replace him as Crown Prince. None of this would have happened without Trump and Jared Kushner approving of it, which they did.



So now the US Senate has figured out that I was right that this was a totsl disaster, that MbS is completely unacceptable as a leader of Saudi Arabis. This is not a matter of the US declaring against a democratically elected leader. This is ultimately an absolute monarchy now facing its deeply, difficult, succession problem. Folllowing corrupt influence from the US, their leaders have made a bad decision, choosing MbS.

I appreciate that it may not be that easy for the royal famoly to get rid of this power hungry murderer, but I applaud this unanimous vote from the US Senate. He needs to go.

BTW, some time ago there were rumors that a “Co-Prince” might be approved, although with MbS retaining the succession right. That Co-Prince is the current Governor of Mecca, a very serious position in that nation, Khalid bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz al Sa’ud, 78 years old. I actually know KbF and can attest that he is a deeply intelligent and reasonable person who would make an excellent replacement for the worthless and disgusting and degraded MbS. While KbF is super competent, the legally in place person MbS violently removed, Muhamed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Sa’ud.

In any case, recent Saudi policy has been an outrage, with its war in Yemen the extreme manifesation of how bad MbS is. The Senate has also voted against the US supporting this awful war, although not unanimously, and with the old House of Paul Ryan not supporting any of this.

In any case, I applaud this unanimous vote for MbS to go. Really, the Saudi royal family needs to get its you know what together and overcome the current king’s support for his discredited son and put something more reasonable in as Crown Prince. There are several candidates available who would hopefully stop the horrendous war in Yemen.

Barkley Rosser