Why Do Elected Officials Fail to Heed the Constituents?

run75441: Student Loan Justice Organization has started a letter/email campaign to Senator Elizabeth Warren via one of her aides Joshua Delaney. I have read Senator Warren on numerous occasions and she has been forthright in her proposals and opposition to the Financial and Banking industry taking advantage of the Middle Class. For whatever reason, Senator Warren has been reluctant to take up the crusade for students who have been indentured to a system which has no protection, a protection President Trump availed himself of (as well as many others) numerous times before his presidency.

The denial of basic bankruptcy did not come about only because of Republicans. Then Democratic Senator Joe Biden sponsored the bill and Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow (Senate Finance Committee) voted for the passage of this bill. Now, there appears to be a reluctance on the part of Democrats to right a wrong they helped to perpetuate and allow a partisan kleptocrat to cause more harm to this country’s future resource.

Anyhoo, this is Student Loan Justice’s Org.’s Ed McKinley’s letter to Senator Warren’s aide Joshua Delaney (Joshua_Delaney@warren.senate.gov) asking for help, help which Joshua appears to be reluctant to give.

Hello Josh,

I am aware that you have heard from a few members of our group over the past week or so. I appreciate your efforts to respond to their concerns. Moreover, I believe you when you say that The Senator’s office was unaware of this show and its unfortunate decision to use senator Warren’s name in such an ill-conceived program.

Nonetheless, I feel compelled to offer you some insight into the responses I received from folks who have read your response. Let me just sum it up by saying I am doing you a favor by not asking you to endure them.

Let me be clear. I fully understand Senator Warren’s trepidation toward introducing an HR 2366 companion bill into the Senate at this time, it is unquestionably a very daunting task to try and push this legislation through this congress.

Be that as it may, here is what you apparently fail to understand. I am dealing with thousands of individuals from all over the political spectrum who have united to fight for a common cause. This may well be the only meaningful issue facing this country that has a truly bipartisan group working together. Let that sink in for a minute.

This group of people continues to grow and organize in spite of enduring one gut punch after another. In spite of what is now perceived as nothing more than lip service from politicians, who have put us on hold for years, we continue to build an unstoppable force.

I understand that your response may well be genuine, but I am being honest with you when I say it has, for the most part, left members with a bad taste in their mouths and great disappointment in Senator Warren.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposes; “A rule to make it harder for defrauded students to get their loans forgiven” is just another example of the violation of right that even today’s president has availed himself of multiple times.

Where is the Democrat’s counter in opposition to Ms. Devos’s proposal?
Yes, introducing a bill at this point has obvious challenges. Our position is that we would rather have a bill that we can fight for and fail than nothing at all. I’m not sure what it will take to help you understand that while you feel paralyzed by the GOP opposition, at least half of my members are conservatives. They are not so willing to buy the Democratic line. It befuddles me that you are so reluctant to recognize what an incredible opportunity this is.

Name me one other significant issue you are pursuing that enjoys such a strong bipartisan audience. Think about what that could mean for The Senator’s credibility, not to mention the kind of fight we are capable of when partisanship of the day is neutralized.

Our membership is the tip of the iceberg that will ultimately roll over its opposition, but I fear the fallout at that point will be significant. These people are suffering and are simply sick and tired of being put off by politicians from both sides of the aisle.

I, strongly urge Senator Warren to introduce a companion bill to the Senate. Give these people something to fight for. It is downright foolish and shameful to ignore the pleas of our members while hoping and praying for a wider window of opportunity that may never open.

Consider the possibility that GOP maintains control into the next session. How would you suggest we proceed then? This task is not yours alone to undertake. It is ours. We are simply asking for Senator Warren to file the necessary papers and let us do our thing.

We will settle for nothing less because we cannot afford to. Futures are being squandered and lives being lost. If Senator Warren is serious about restoring bankruptcy protections it will be an impossible fight without us. PLEASE, untie our hands and let’s get to work.

Best Regards,

Ed McKinley, LICSW

Student Loan Justice MA