The Singapore Deal

The Singapore Deal

I have refused to forecast what two unpredictable leaders will do, and I shall continue that, other than to say I do not believe North Korea will denuclearize.  Otherwise, well, the written deal was mostly aspirations while there seem to be disagreements about the verbal deals.  DPRK says US has agreed to lift sanctions but US says no.  As it is, at least it happened and there will be more talk, according to the paper agreement. As some famous person said (forget who), “Jaw jaw is better than war war.”

So, let me make people aware of a useful source, which has been putting out things either ahead of regular media or even in disagreement with it recently.  This is North Korean Economy Watch at . Here are some tidbits.

They were the first to report that Chinese-DPRK trade began increasing after Kim Jong-in met with Moon Jae-in at the DMZ.  “Maximum pressure” has been over for some time already.

A further sign that max pressure off is that there were stable prices in DPRK in the month of May, no noticeable shortages.

A group that Kim Jong-in may be paying attention to is the elite in Pyongyang who now have higher incomes and access to western goods.  They would like more.  The rest of the population does not matter to him.

ROK companies are hot to get into DPRK.

ROK has a plan to engage in infrastructure investment in DPRK, much of this for transportation, focusing on three corridors, all of them going north-south: one in the west going to China, one in the center focusing on between the two Koreas, one in the east focusing on reaching Russia at Vladivostock (I have seen commentators unaware that DPRK and Russia have a common border, if just a small one).

Finally, all the talk of DPRK opening up and liberalizing looks overblown, at least in the near term. Just before the summit a major meeting there involved strong statements that there will be no opening up or moves to more marketization, probably to dampen down expectations of most of the population given how much foreigners are talking about it. The ROK companies may need to wait awhile.

Oh, and as a further point, in recent global hacking competitions, North  Korean teams have won.

Barkley Rosser