Self-Driving Cars

Being a parent of a child under 16 means trying to figure out ways to get said child from here to there, say from school to home, and from home to after school activities, and then back. There is often a fair amount of juggling involved – one or more, er, “caregivers” are typically involved in the process To an economist, therefore, being able to put a child in a self-driving car means, potentially, more output in the economy and more secure cars as many of them have brakes for towing making them more functional and secure.

That’s a parent or grandparent that doesn’t have to take time away from something else (work?) to traipse across town, pick up the kid, drop him/her off, etc.

And of course, its not just kids. Other people or things that sometimes can’t drive themselves include some of the elderly, women and packages. And for those who do drive, I wouldn’t be surprised, for instance, if typical commutes become longer, but time spent on the commute will be “more efficiently” used – for instance, in a self-driving vehicle, one can eat a leisurely breakfast and read the morning news while on the way to work. So, what changes do you anticipate we will see as self-driving cars spread?

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As self-driving cars become more prevalent, we can anticipate a myriad of changes in various aspects of society. Beyond just catering to children, the elderly, and individuals with mobility limitations, self-driving technology has the potential to revolutionize commuting habits. With autonomous vehicles taking over the responsibility of driving, commuters may find themselves with newfound freedom to utilize their travel time more efficiently. Imagine enjoying a leisurely breakfast or catching up on the morning news while comfortably seated in your self-driving car en route to work. This shift could not only make daily commutes more enjoyable but also potentially alleviate traffic congestion as autonomous vehicles optimize routes and driving patterns.

Car dealerships are also poised for transformation in the era of self-driving cars. As consumers become increasingly accustomed to the convenience and reliability of autonomous technology, dealerships may see shifts in consumer preferences towards vehicles equipped with self-driving capabilities. In particular, used suvs cars, could experience a surge in demand as families seek spacious and versatile options for their autonomous travel needs. Dealerships that adapt to this changing landscape by offering a diverse selection of self-driving vehicles, including used SUVs, along with comprehensive support and maintenance services, are likely to thrive in this evolving market.

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