No, not the Control Theory version of Backstepping developed around 1990 by Petar V. Kokotovic. In the Marine Corp there was a Back Stepping cadence. The entire squad or platoon would move in 15 inch steps backwards after coming to a complete halt.

It appears DOE Secretary has started to backstep on her comments on allowing states, Charter schools, and parents decide what is acceptable discrimination. The Senate Committee on Education was not too happy with her comments about letting states and schools decide. One problem still remaining is cutting the funding for the Department of Education and it’s Office of Civil Rights. This will curtail the oversight the DOE has today on local schools.

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday said she will pursue allegations of discrimination “in any form,” pushing back against criticism that the Trump administration might allow private and religious schools to accept federal funding while at the same time rejecting or discriminating against LGBT students.”

Who would have thought the Michigan billionaire-iron-lady of the DOE could be moved by so called “hurtful” remarks about her very apparent indifference to discrimination? In a follow-up comment, Betsy lamented;

“’Anyone who knows me knows that they (the Senate Committee) couldn’t be further from the truth,’ she said. ‘Discrimination in any form is wrong. And I’ve said before and I’ll say again: the department is committed to ensuring that every child has a safe and nurturing environment, and we are and will be continuing to pursue allegations of discrimination in any form as well. So that has been a really hurtful thing for me personally, because it’s not who I am.’”

I guess I do not know her either and my Vulcan Mind-Meld is not working on her to find out what she is really like. Sorry Betsy, we have to take you at your word or what you do not say too! A case in point as to the impact of Betsy Devos’s efforts with school choice and the results of it can be found in Holland, Michigan very close to the DeVos homestead. “Betsy DeVos and the Segregation of School Choice.” Ms. DeVos knew what was happening in Holland and the rest of the state all along. Michigan is the laughing stock of the nation when it comes to Charter Schools.