On @UnlearningEcon

Unlearning Economics is a person somewhere on planet earth. He or she has been debating with Simon Wren-Lewis and Nick Rowe (on twitter). Brad DeLong joined the discussion.

But what about me. Elisabetta Addis (we’re married) just returned from Palermo. I was eager to talk with a physically present human being having not done so all day. First I said “Hodor” (and had to explain). Then, looking for a topic, I said, “Unlearning economics is someone who is debating”.

She said “incredibile” and showed me her smart phone. On the small screen I could read (barely) the post by unlearning economics which I was planning to discuss.

OK now we are reading the post so that we can discuss it.

The world is highly connected. The 21st century is very strange.