The Start-Up They Signed

“The one thing you have over me is experience,” Mr. Trump said at one point.

And yet it seemed clear through this last confrontation that there was a gap in knowledge, or at least in command of the material that candidates seeking to be president are expected to master.

“Take a look at the Start­-Up they signed,” Mr. Trump said at one point, apparently referring to the Start nuclear arms reduction treaty.

Hillary Clinton, Mocking and Taunting in Debate, Turns the Tormentor, Amy Chozick and Michael Barbaro, New York Times, yesterday

When Trump said that Wednesday night—said it really emphatically—Clinton’s facial expression reflected what I’m sure was mine: What the hell is he talking about?

I figured he was referring to some provision in NAFTA or the Paris climate-change accords, having to do with small-business startups.

So now I know I was wrong.  And I even know what Start-Up they signed.

Glad I read the New York Times.