Trump Train Tweets

As far as I can tell the Trump train tweet is authentic (and authentic click bait).

Checking his time line I found this more recent tweet


FRED begs to differ


The tweet might show Trump cherry picking (and cheating on “through”). After Bush and the Republicans (with assistance from Democrats including Bill Clinton) left the economy in ruins, it took a long time to recover (largely due to Republican imposed austerity). But the US economy has gotten through the spell of extraordinarily high long term unemployment. Actually, now that I think of it, it seems more likely that Trump tweeted about the ratio of long term unemployment to total unemployment and not the long term unemployment rate — an appalling but possibly sincere conceptual error

By Trump standards, the long term unemployment lie is unusually close to the truth. By I think it is important to avoid lie habituation.

The train tweet is after the jump. Click bait is OK, but I’m trying to pretend to be serious.