Hacked E-mail Servers

Of course the big news is that Russian hackers (probably linked to the Russian government) hacked Democratic National Committee servers and leaked embarassing e-mails (and deliberately leaked social security numbers) via Wikileaks.

This supports the hypothesis that Putin is trying to get Trump elected.

It sounds like a fringe tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, but I read it on the front pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post

In The PostTom Hamburger and Ellen Nakashima have a major major Ballance fail writing “Although other experts remain skeptical of a Russian role, ” . The problem is that (as far as I can tell) they quote no such skeptical experts. My guess is that, rushing to deadline they wrote “opinions on shape of planet differ” before finding the differing opinions.

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I actually came here to link to an old pay walled background article in the WSJ (c)
“Three Months Later, State Department Hasn’t Rooted Out Hackers
Amount of data lost in unclassified email network is unclear; Investigators point finger at Russia”

update: sorry I forgot to include the link (also it was to a pay walled article. Just google state+department+server+hacked.
or click this link.

We have just witnessed a convention dedicated to the argument that Clinton should be sent to jail because she endangered US secrets by storing them on her private server which might have been hacked rather that the official e-mail system which was certainly hacked. It isn’t just the GOP, the MSM has been ignoring this inconvenient fact for months.

The fact that Russians didn’t leak embarrassing e-mails found on Clinton’s server is fairly strong evidence either that they never hacked it or that she is disciplined enough to almost completely avoid embarrassing e-mails. She did overlook a marking which indicates that a document is confidential. The marking is in this post. Did you notice it ?

I am sure that someone will try to Ballance the suspicion that Clinton was hacked by the Russians and the suspicion that Russian hackers are hacking for Trump. But the whole complicated episode reminds me of just how absurd the media’s treatment of Clintons is.

update: I really shouldn’t have gone there. I see that even here at AngryBear there are people who think the Clinton e-mail scandal amounts to something. In this update, I will explain why I think the whole thing is absurd. I think the story is that determined Republicans, partisan media (talk radio and Fox) and a main stream reporters who totally hate Clinton can make a huge issue out of something minor — that is that this is an illustration of the Clinton rules.

I hope that we here can agree that Clintons are held to a completely different standard than other public figures and completely completely different than Republicans (the Clinton rules). OK I don’t hope that, but I am frustrated, because to me the claim should be about as controversial as the claim that the Earth isn’t flat.

I forgot to put in a link to the WSJ article about the hacking. I thank MS 57 for pointing this out. I just googled state + department + server + hacked or something. I added links to the post

I also clicked one of them — a link to the extremely (often absurdly) even handed factcheck.org (from June 3). I read
“there’s no evidence so far that any attempts to hack into Clinton’s server were successful.” I stress that the DNC hack was detected *before* the e-mails were wikileaked (they found malware in DNC servers). The Clinton server drive has been inspected with great care. I understand that hackers can (in principle) hack without leaving traces. I am not convinced that the current level of hacking vs hack detection is such that it is plausible that the Clinton server was hacked but the FBI (assisted by the NSA) couldn’t determine this (that sentence is hard to understand because I am trying to be careful — here in parentheses I confidently guess that the server wasn’t hacked as the US Gov can detect hacks after the fact — this is a confident guess based on almost complete ignorance (but in parentheses and after the jump so it’s OK)).

I believe that the top secret information in the Clinton e-mails was the fact that the US is killing people with drones. This is widely known but officially a secret. I trust Kevin Drum 2nd link on this.