You DID hear it here first. I picked Becerra for VP 15 months ago.

Clinton-Becerra 2016

Back then and even now it was and is ‘Xavier Who?’ But equally nobody thought Trump would even be running, still less making his campaign largely center on the Yuuuge Wall. And a lot of progressives are little leery of Julian Castro based on his mixed record as HUD Secretary. I think Congressman Becerra could have big effects on Nevada, Arizona and Colorado.

And sooth feelings in California over what is looking to be a bruising Senate battle between Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez. Because the Dem establishment will be lining up behind Harris in what will seem like an embarrassing pile on way. Picking Becerra can smooth that right out.

We will see of course. Just wanted to double down when and if.

Quick update: this from the NY Times on May 5 of this year: As Xavier Becerra Stirs Crowds, Hispanic Democrats See a Running Mate