Wolverines/Militia vs the U.S. Army/Federal Marshals

It is still early hours in the confrontation between the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupiers and the ‘jack booted thugs’ but one thing has always been clear. When it comes to a armed confrontation between ‘patriots’ and the forces of government the ‘Patriotic Wolverines’ will lose. Until or unless they subvert the military and the federal police forces over to their side. Which to their ‘credit’ is the premise of the Oathkeepers.

But otherwise this is a dream punctured by Ike in 1957, the year of my birth. The President doesn’t even need to federalize the National Guard. Though Ike did to integrate schools in 1957. The fact is that no amount of appeal to ‘Posse Comitatus’ is going to prevent the President of the U.S from suppressing armed sedition. I don’t care how many rounds you have in your basement gun safe, unless you have the U.S. Army and Marines on your side you are going to get (in a technical term often utilized by professional soldiers) fucked sideways and backwards. This isn’t 1776 and those are not Red Coats trying to reload muskets.

It may be true that The Tree of Liberty Must be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants. But these days it is the self professed ‘patriots’ who are likely to do the watering. Because you got Play Soldiers and real Soldiers. And it take a LOT to get real Soldiers to go against lawful orders issude by their superiors.

And occupying a bird sanctuary isn’t going to trigger Lexington and Concord against the frigging U.S. Army and Marines. Or for that matter the SWAT teams of the FBI and the U.S. Marshals. Life isn’t a video game. Some folks in Oregon just learned that lesson.