How Probability Is Perceived . . .

I ran across this explanation of Probability as seen by different professions at Sam Wang’s Princeton Consortium and tracked it down to Ben Orin’s Math with Bad Drawings blog. A little about Ben and his blog as told by himself: “This blog is about the things I like. It’s also about the things I can’t do. I hope that the juxtaposition here – carefully edited writing alongside art that my wife (charitably) likens to ‘the average 6th grader’ – captures the contradictory state of the teacher, of the mathematician – and, what the hell, of the human. We are all simultaneously experts and beginners, flaunting our talents while trying to cover our shortcomings the way an animal hides a wound.”

Note the differences in viewpoint of which some are a matter of convenient and profession. I thought you might enjoy the truth and the humor in it as explained by a Ben, a Math Teacher.

Actual Meaning

B Political Journalist

C Investment Banker

D Local News Anchor

E Philosopher

F Weather Forecaster

G Mission Impossible Agent

H Millennium Falcon Captain