Merry Christmas Bears, Commenters, Visitors, and Yes even Trolls . . .

3:00 PM Eastern Std Time.

Christmas Eve and my wife has made raviolis which will be our dinner along with salad and her home made Italian Dressing. Even with being achy and tired from the events impacting me this year; I am still fortunate to be enjoying a home cooked meal this year safe from the violent incursions affecting so many, to be home and not overseas staying alive while being short and counting the days to fly out, to have food on my table when so many go hungry or wait in lines at the shelters, to have a warm home in which to live with my family, to be employed making greater than median income and have other companies chasing me for my expertise, to have healthcare insurance in which to fall back upon when ill for the umpteenth time, etc. I am sure there are so many stories to be told here amongst us of how each of us are more fortunate than what we have written about, experienced, seen and know of, etc.

Merry Christmas, be safe with family, and enjoy the holiday