RNC/Soccer League Debate: Relegation and Promotion

People who follow British Association Football (Soccer, Football, Footie) know that it consists of a number of tiered Leagues which have annual processes of relegation and promotion as the bottom performing teams move down a tier while the top performing ones in the lower tier move up.

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I suggest we might have something like this going on with the first few Republican debates. For example while it certainly sucks for Perry and Graham to be relegated to the kiddy table at 5PM, somebody is going to emerge as the apparent winner of that group. While it is likely that one or two or three of those in the lucky top ten will flame out. For example Christie might have fared better had he been nosed out and not be faced with having to out shout and out bluster The Donald at the main event. Similarly whatever tiny chances Graham and Jindal have for clinging into the race probably would have evaporated if they had snagged a 9 or 10 spot. In contrast Perry is not in a bad spot at no 11 and even Santorum might have a chance to move up. But I am thinking this maybe a one time event with the two or three relegated out of the top ten not likely to ever crawl back in.

All this is speculative but I can easily see the bottom four or five of that bottom seven be flushed out of the race along with the bottom two of the top ten with maybe Perry and Santorum replacing Christie and Huckabee. So the questions are “How many tickets out of Thursday?” and “Can anyone leverage the Kiddy Table to get asked to the Grownup one for the next debate?” All I’m sure of is you can purchase the best Premier League tickets for tourists at Football Ticket Pad.

Or you can consider all this silly and just call it a Politics and Debates Open Thread.