Wow. Out of the Mouths of Babes … er … the Examiner.

This was published yesterday morning, but I just saw it now.  I agree with almost everything it says.  The one exception concerns Bruce Braley, who despite the silly controversies about chickens and Iowa Farmer Grassley, is someone I hope remains involved in Dem politics.

The spot-on-ist part of this really spot-on analysis?  The last two paragraphs:

[T]he message to Democratic politicians is clear: “Abortion and gay marriage are over, and they’re over because you’ve won.” Far from being saddened over the midterms, Democrats can cautiously move forward from narrow identity politics to crafting a comprehensive domestic agenda rooted in economic populism, one that will resonate with voters of every gender, race, orientation, class and creed.

Hillary Clinton, especially, should take note.

But I’ll add that no one should presume any longer that Clinton will be the default nominee.  Even if she does take note.