Men with beards respond…

I’m posting this here as a topical subject.  It may not seem economics related, but to me it is as it speaks to trust.  There is no way a nation can continue to produce $16 trillion dollars a year and not have trust as a basic position to starting all conversations.  No nation built on mistrust survives long as an economic growth machine  compared to humanity’s existence.

In response to all the intentional distortion regarding Bob Bergdhal’s appearance for the sole purpose of creating another path to discredit President Obama as part of a strategy for winning elections via the promotion of generic societal distrust, I present these men with beards and their response to tragedy which few have or will experience.  It is a tragedy that is not debated as to being the most powerful force for destroying ones sprit and will.

Amish men leaving trial

Men such as these did the following:

Charles Roberts wasn’t Amish, but Amish families knew him as the milk truck driver who made deliveries. Last month, it was announced that the Amish community had donated money to the killer’s widow and her three young children.

It was one more gesture of forgiveness, gestures that began soon after the shooting.

“I think the most powerful demonstration of the depth of Amish forgiveness was when members of the Amish community went to the killer’s burial service at the cemetery,” Kraybill says. “Several families, Amish families who had buried their own daughters just the day before were in attendance and they hugged the widow, and hugged other members of the killer’s family.”

But the above picture is not of those particular men.  It is a picture of men who were attending a trial for a hate crime that manifested in a man’s beard being cut off.   Sixteen men went to jail for that hate crime against a group of people who are capable of forgiving what the nation could not believe was forgivable.

And yet, such people of such ability also have those who are not the most exemplary of their people.  It was other Amish people who were the perpetrators of the crime.

The promotion of mistrust and ultimately hate is infectious.  Such promotion is just another example as with greed, of the materialization of selfishness.  If I were to remove the beards from all, dressed all the same and let you read their style of prose, would you be able to tell the hate crime perpetrators apart from these people:

fox_news team



… representatives of the current propaganda machine regarding Robert Bergdhal?

Just saying Fox.*


*Yeah, Joe Scarborourgh too.


Though maybe having flags behind you?


Berghdalh with flag

Nope, I guess not.