I signed this CARE2 petition

The petition is here.  Including a comment is optional. I opted to write one:

Matt the dog warden threatened her and her neighbor with arrest if they took the dog to the vet? And the violation of law charged would have been what, exactly?

So there are three issues here: First, the dog’s owner did break animal-cruelty laws, but apparently wasn’t charged.  Second, two public officials–the dog warden and the sheriff--from the outset and for the following several days ostentatiously violated their own legal duty.  Third, one of the two (the dog warden) threatened what would have been a false arrest (an abuse of public office) in order to keep good samaritans from doing what they had a legal right to do, and prevented this dog from getting help, and the other one (the sheriff) effectively assisted him in that.  And a third public official, the town supervisor, gave no indication that he cared.

Plymouth, NY, hah?  I’ll be sure to avoid stopping by.