Comparing Sweden & Norway on inflation

Paul Krugman has a post talking about how tighter monetary policy caused Sweden to go into deflation. Here is the chart showing their deflation.

swed inf
OK… we can see the deflation there far to the right. Paul Krugman talked about Sweden raising the interest rate to battle bubbles. Let’s look at the interest rate in Sweden.

swed int

Yes, they certainly raised the interest rate. But didn’t Norway also raise their interest rate? Norway also has its own currency.
nor int

Norway actually raised their interest rate higher and longer than Sweden. So I guess we would see deflation in Norway, right?

nor inf

Hmmmm, Norway has an inflation rate of 2.6%. OK, Mr. Krugman, what am I missing here?  Your logic is not solid. Where is the answer?… I compare consumer spending in these two countries.

swed cons

Swedish consumer spending rose 13% since 2009. What about Norway?

nor cons

In Norway, consumer spending rose 17% since 2009. That would help inflation if people were spending more. Maybe inflation is stronger in Norway over Sweden due to more purchasing power of people, instead of what the central bank interest rate is.