Why No Social Security Posts on Angry Bear?

Because we won. Or more precisely I won. Because we are not that much closer to the adoption of the Coberly inspired Northwest Plan than before, despite the fact that similar plans poll spectacularly positive. But mostly all the ‘Reform’ plans for an ‘unsustainable’ Social Security system are running scared from the Senator Warren and Sanders ‘enhance’ approach. Lots of things contributed to this, including the demise of R-R. But in today’s climate the Plutocrats are deploying their billions on defense against the dreaded words ‘income inequality’. And the prospect of a $10.10 minimum wage frightens them much more than having to pony up some bucks to ‘bail out’ Social Security in the 2030s.

I have been relentlessly promoting a Social Security reform plan of ‘Nothing’ since 2005 and since 2010 here at Angry Bear. Now it was never the perfect plan and in collaboration with Dale and Arne I was willing to push another more pro-active plan. On the other hand ‘Nothing’ is a far better, more proven plan than 99% of the ‘Other’ plans out there. And since the only hopes of GOP/Conservative survival going forward depend on not pissing off their base of older white folk I am thinking the target has been taken off the back of Social Security. For now. So ‘Nothing’ is looking pretty good right now.

So you can redub me ‘Social Security Lurker’ from ‘Social Security Defender’. Because the Bad Guys are in retreat. For now.

On the other hand the salvation of Social Security still rests in a policy that would advance the entirety of the progressive agenda overall:

‘More Jobs. At Better Wages.’ And I will be happy to join you all at that set of barricades. But this particular run at SS has seemingly run out of steam. TTFN.