What is the POINT of this?

WASHINGTON — House Republicans on Tuesday put forward the outline of a response to a Senate proposal that would end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit into next year, but would also make some changes to the health care law.

Under their plan, members of Congress and the cabinet would be compelled to obtain health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, but would not receive the employer subsidy from the government. Further, the deal would suspend a medical device tax for two years, something that was dropped from a Senate compromise in the making.

House Outlines Plan on Spending and Debt Limit, Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times, 9:56 a.m.

Excuse me, but what is the point supposed be in compelling members of Congress and the cabinet to obtain health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act–which the law already requires–and removing their employer subsidy?  I mean, other than just showing yet again what jack asses they are.

By “the employer subsidy,” I guess they mean the money that their employer–the government–now pays toward their health insurance premiums.  So this would just be a reduction in their salaries.  What point are they trying to make by this?  How is this supposed to analogize to something that resembles anyone else’s situation?  I really don’t get this. At all.

These people are stupifyingly childish.