Not even a cursory fact check

We all make mistakes sometimes, but there is a lot of this in the news.

Lifted from Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts:

Dianne Barrette of Winter Haven Florida claims that instead of paying $54 a month for health insurance (no hospital coverage and a $ 50 deductible for office visits) she will have to pay $ 591 for ACA level health insurance. says that a single adult over 50 in Winter, Haven which is in Polk County, Florida can get Obamacare (catastrophic insurance) for $235.08 a month (before subsidies, and she states an income which would make her eligible).

I discovered this after the intense journalistic effort of googling Winter Haven Florida county and a few minutes at (no log in required to check prices). This seems to have been too much work for Fox (no surprise) or CBS (the irony is killian me).