Just so y’all know …

Most of the formatting in my posts–blockquotes, paragraph spacing, italics–did not transfer to the new platform, so my old posts are pretty much a mishmash to read.  At least those posted since about early December, when I began drafting and posting using my then-new Chromebook, which uses only Google’s word processor, not MS Word.  I’m not sure whether the formatting in my posts from before December transferred properly; I haven’t checked.

As those of you who read my posts know, I use a lot of blockquotes, including as ledes, so the lack of blockquote formatting is not pretty.   I just manually indented the blockquotes from a post from Apr. 2 that I randomly checked, and I’ll do it with any other posts I reread for whatever reason, but otherwise I guess my past posts will remain a mishmash.  Which I know some AB readers think they were even with the proper formatting.

Oh, well.