The Tragedy of Detroit

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt

The Tragedy of Detroit

One of the great highlights of my life was my first visit to Detroit in 1962. I fell in love with the metropolis and of course the Detroit Tigers.

This week the governor of Michigan will appoint an emergency financial manager for Detroit, if anyone will take the job. Even the left-leaning Detroit Free Press is on board with a takeover. The alternative would be a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing.

Detroit has probably been bankrupt for a long time, but no one really knows. The City of Detroit, the Detroit Water and Sewer department, the Detroit pension plans, and the Wayne County government are all a mess. About sixty square miles of the city have been largely abandoned.

Detroit has been hit hard by economic deterioration and middle class flight (more than just white flight), but the core problem in Detroit is four decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption.
Both the Bush and Obama administrations have attacked the corruption, and to Obama’s credit he redoubled the efforts to put Detroit officials and cronies in prison where they belong.

Why were huge obvious problems allowed to fester until Detroit is ready to collapse?

Political correctness and race politics. Even as Detroit is on the brink, race baiting is in full throat. And attempts to blame the GOP, although I can’t find any elected Republicans in major Detroit offices for at least two decades.

The people living in Detroit will continue to suffer for a long, long time.