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Krugman’s Explicit Endorsement “Time to Kick the Can” Shows True Colors He Denies in “Despicable Me”

from Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Angry Bear’s column How To Debate Paul Krugman in response to my January 26 column How to Debate Paul Krugman: “Ask Questions Like a Child” was rather humorous for what it did not say.
Three-fourths of the Angry Bear article was a rebuttal of nothing I said, but rather a rebuttal of something stated by Austrian school economist Detlev Schlichter.

I’m sooooo not happy that my main email account was hacked today…

… but I’m really grateful that so many friends and acquaintances, including Dan C., have let me know.  (My favorite, from my friend “A”: “Beverly, someone is sending spam around in your name!”)

I’m luckier than the Bush family, though.  At least whoever hacked my account just wanted to use my email identity to try to sell a diet plan, not send photos of me in the shower or shaving (my legs).  Much less, send pictures I’ve painted (with finger paints, back in kindergarten).

  • rjs says:

    since the dowd article didnt have any pictures, here’s some for anyone who’s curious…

    & yep, getting an email account hacked sure sucks…

  • Beverly Mann says:

    Yeah. What a creepy feeling. It really unnerved me.

  • rjs says:

    & not exactly the way you’d want to get back in touch with old friends you havent heard from in years, either…

  • Jack says:

    Does the diet plan work? I need a little help in that regard. Please forward to me said email ASAP.

    Such “hacking” is occuring at an increasing rate. I wonder if the “authorities” have the means to take legal action against the perp. once the hacking has been discovered, as in your case. Obviously the spam has contact info if the product is really being offered for sale. Worse would be if the bogus email contained a bogus ad for a product opening the ad led to a computor virus, worm, etc.

    Some of the hacking perps are very skilled. I once received a message from what looked very much like Chase Bank, logo and all. The content seemed odd so I contacted Chase independently and was given an email address to which I could forward what was the bogus email. You have to be sooo careful.