Giacomino Grilli

Translated Jiminy Crickets.
Really translated.

Man, covering this Grillo dude is a full time job.  I figured I should check what he said today.  He has a new idea — Prime Minister Grillo so since the election (monday) he’s said

1) “Niente inciuci.”  Translated: “No deals.”  Really translated “The old discredited parties have to form a coalition so I can denounce it and do even better in the new elections which will come in a few months because they all hate each other.
2) “Sicilia esperienza meraviglisa”. Translated “Things are working wonderfully in Sicily” (he is a comic).  Really translated  An alliance between the 5 start movement, the PD (and do forget the SEL) would be excellent.
3) “Bersani Morte vivente” translated “Bersani is a zombie”.  Really translated “Bersani’s political career is over — I just ended it (to show I can).
4) “Governo 5 Stelle”.  Translated  how about you vote confidence in our nominee for prime minister (my not so humble self) really translated “Oh so you thought I couldn’t surprise you ?  You figured I would just go back and forth from Bersani prime minister Bersani to Zombie Bersani.  Hah unpredictability is the key to comedy.
I don’t have anything more to say, I’m too old to cry, so I guess I’ll laugh.