That Time of Year Again

I end up posting this, I believe, every year. And every year, despite not trying at all, I find a newer and better reason to post it. This year, it’s because cities in Virginia, including Harrisonburg City, have their students in school today—a Federal holiday—but made damned certain the kids were out on Friday for [Robert E.]Lee-[Stonewall]Jackson Day. If Barack Obama deserves to reign in Hell over one thing alone, it is because he took locally-popular Democrats like KathleenI’m incompetent, so I will overrule the scientistsSibelius and Janet Napolitano and moved them to DC, weakening the strength of his own Party and (worse) having those Governors replaced by people who make life worse for his constituents in Sam Brownback and Jan Brewer. Jan Brewer probably isn’t as bad as Evan Meacham, but that’s the best anyone has said. Bob McDonnell at least proclaimed today Martin Luther King, Jr., Day,* even if the kids don’t get it off, the way they do for real heroes of his state.

*It would be petty of me to note that McDonnell’s proclamation conspicuously leaves the “Dr.” off the front of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. I guess a Ph.D. from Boston University isn’t worth all that much.