A Question About Apple

by Mike Kimel

A Question About Apple

My wife has been an Apple user for a long time. I on the other hand have tended to avoid purchasing Apple products for myself – I just cannot get around the concept of a single button on a mouse, nor why I should be interested in buying a product whose manufacturer apparently makes conscious decisions to remove features based on someone’s aesthetic sense rather than usability. That said, I did notice that Apple products had a tendency to be reliable, though that reliability certainly came at a price.

Recently, my wife convinced to ditch my Droid for an i-Phone so we could use facetime. Perhaps because of that, I’ve become overly sensitive to issues involving Apple products as of late. My mom has a keyboard for her iPad which seems to have stopped working. (I was the one who originally recommended she buy an iPad as I figured it would be easy enough for someone as technologically unsavvy as her to use easily.) The only way I can get my iPhone to admit I have a voice-mail is to power it off completely and then turn it on again. It’s been that way from day one – at first I chalked it up to yet another thing about the phone, but my wife told me it wasn’t supposed to behave that way. And I notice my wife has been complaining about her Mac – something that didn’t happen except rarely with its umpteen predecessors.

Is this just something from my immediate circle (i.e., random anecdotes) or are the company’s products becoming less reliable? Anyone else notice anything?

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