Off-topic again: All dogs go to heaven

On Wednesday I posted here about Bella, my friend’s daughter’s three-year-old German shepherd/collie mix who suddenly started experiencing severe pain near the back of her spine last weekend and a day later became paraplegic.  A wonderful lady who’s active in animal shelter work took Bella this morning to see a highly-regarded vet who works closely with one of the shelters this lady is involved with.  The lady planned to keep Bella at her home indefinitely, until a permanent home could be found for her.

But the injury to Bella’s spine caused damage to her kidneys.  I don’t fully understand it; my friend was crying when she was telling me about it.  But the vet said Bella would die within a few days.  So, at the vet’s recommendation, the lady (my friend’s daughter had signed papers this morning relinquishing the doggie) agreed to have Bella put to sleep.

But all dogs go to heaven.  All dog lovers know that.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my earlier post.  It was much appreciated.