Romney’s Weird Plan to Decouple Military Spending From National Security Needs and to Tie It Instead to … GDP??

Romney’s plan calls for linking the Pentagon’s base budget to Gross Domestic Product, and allowing the military to spend at least $4 dollars out of every $100 the American economy produces.”

In a post here two weeks ago I noted that peculiar proposal of Romney’s, and also mentioned my dismay that neither the Obama campaign nor (to my knowledge) any other mainstream-media outlet had mentioned it.  I titled the post Crony Capitalism and Its Variety of Flavors.  The occasion for the post was the Romney campaign’s then-newly-invigorated “crony capitalism” schtik featuring, of course, Solyndra. 

I said in the post that, given Romney’s open (if unnoticed) proposal to untether actual national-security needs from national-security spendingand attaching it instead to GDP, its purpose is utterly unrelated to national security.  It’s unabashedly “a stunningly perverse pinstriped-patronage version of Keynsian economics,” I said. 

My post got about as much attention as the May 10 CNNMoney report.  But now the Obama campaign has a new ad out highlighting the absurdity of Romney’s plan to increase defense spending—presumably (although the ad doesn’t say this) so that we’ll be prepared when Romney clumsily gets us into an unnecessary war.  (Current candidates as enemies: Britain and the Palestinians, in addition to Iran.)  The ad is excellent.  But it would be even better if it mentioned that Romney’s spending plan doesn’t even purportto be tied to defense needs, but instead to, um, GDP.

It really should point this out and should note the only possible explanation for that.  So should Obama himself.