So much for GOP Siren of voter fraud

Maybe the appropriate title for this is: Do as I say and not as I do….

Just listening to Thom Hartman and he noted something that struck a cord (chord?) with me: voter ID, electronic ballots. In the caucuses last night, the Republican party did not require and ID, they allowed onsite registration and hand counted the ballots.  This is completely and totally counter to the Republican national position.  Even RIland passed an ID law.  Dare I use the over used word “hypocrisy”?  No, this is not hypocrisy.  This is flat out A-holeism.  This is the big middle finger from the GOP to the nation that the MSM villagers have totally…ignored? Avoided?  To stupid to recognize?  Believes in?  

To strong you say?  Then consider these graphs from Juan Cole (ht digby):

Didby looks at these graphs is sees it as a means to interpret the MSM Villagers favorite phrase: Real Americans.  She correct in that one too.