Angry Bear and Rdan : Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer

by rdan

Angry Bear and I have reached an understanding regarding the blog and decision making. He has been referred to as owning the blog, as much as it can be with such a rowdy group, and has agreed to transfer this ownership to me, sort of the Bill Gates giving over to Steve Ballmer analogy, to use AB’s words.

If I was to devote more time to the blog’s expansion and look, I felt that the originator of AB should give the go ahead to transfer ownership his blessing as respect for what he created, the goodwill built to his initial retirement and after, and the material I would like to steal from the days of AB, pgl, and Kash that I was not a part of.

I want to acknowledge cactus as a pivotal player over the last several years as continuing this excellence. As I told him in an e-mail, I still ask myself ‘What would cactus do?’ when faced with executive decisions regarding the blog.

I look forward to working with this noisy bunch of people with a great deal of pleasure, trepidation which I will not expose very often, and learning.

If either one of us had earned the same money as Gates or Ballmer, we would not be here with you today. You guys are so lucky!