Barack Obama = Lot

I won’t post it here—the full text would be so NSFW that Lee Papa might hesitate—but here’s the outline:

UPDATE: I was correct about Mr. Papa’s likely reaction being more moderate, but he’s more lucid that Ezra (or Greg Sargent) has been so far today. Of course, “more lucid than people employed by the Washington Post who are not Michael Dirda” is not something that attracts readers, so I’ll just say: go read. And then program “Bachmann-Perry Overdrive” into your Word Macros, since it will be Very Useful.

Barack Obama has a private talk with his daughters, in which he explains that Mitch McConnell made some demands, but he Nobly and Gloriously Reached a Compromise. He explains the deal to his daughters and how he Really Worked in Their Best Interests.

Those who have read their Bibles are referred to the first half of Genesis 19. Those who don’t want to think about it are referred to Buce, who is (as with Mark Thoma and Brad DeLong) nicer than I am.

Side note: Anyone who thinks Ezra Klein is anything but a tool of Fred Hiatt is referred to his multiple cheerings of a deal that cuts growth (h/t lauren in comments at Mark Thoma’s place, who is apparently an Internet Explorer user).