Topical thread…What is a good job?

I suggest these questions, but this is not a question about ideal jobs in imagination but real jobs that are attainable.

I think all of us have some notion of what elements constitute a ‘good’ job in the broad perspective (policy and macro), and given human nature varies according to personal goals, age, and circumstance. It has also varied widely in historical context. The term is used a lot in policy debates on employment and unemployment as well.

It is much easier to reach a consensus on the definition of a bad job than to agree on what constitutes a good job.

Is a good job one in a particular industry or sector?

The question of the length of employment contracts matters?

Is a good job one that comes with employer-provided benefits?

What is the relationship between wages and the definition of a good job?

A final question about the definition of a good job involves the relationship of the worker to the employer.

Personal satisfaction of some kind? Social status? Conscience?