Make yourself heard on mortgage abuses

Naked Capitalism points us to a letter to ‘sign’ today in support of the FDIC and Congressman Brad Miller’s advocacy for servicer regulation:

This time, though, there is a way to stand up against the banks. And the reason is because in this case, Sheila Bair at the FDIC actually wants to do the right thing. There’s an open letter from Wall Street reformers to regulators advocating a wide range of new measures on the mortgage and securitization fronts. Congressman Brad Miller, who has been on predatory lending since 2004, penned a letter to the regulators. His effort is getting traction.

And now there’s a petition that you can sign, at If you missed it before the holidays, sign it now. We will be submitting the signatures today by the end of the day today. We up to 12,000, which is a large number for this sort of initiative, thanks to the efforts of Credo, FireDogLake, Mike Konczal, Chris Whalen, and Josh Rosner (the total on the site does not reflect the signatures obtained through some of these channels). We added a comment field, so your comments will be delivered to Geithner, Bair, Bernanke, and Walsh. Tweet it. Put it on Facebook. Send it to your friends and family.

This is meaningful action that every citizen can take.