Political Advice

How many of you read Frank Rich In the Sunday New York Times?


It is an interesting approach.

But I would do him one better.

I would suggest to Obama that he offers the Republicans a deal for the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000. Offer to sign legislation for this tax cut only if the legislation also contained spending cuts to offset every Penney of revenues lost to the tax cuts.

While he is at it ,offer the same deal on the inheritances tax.

Remember, the legislation will also have to go through the Senate before it gets to the White House and to get through the Senate will require a certain number of democratic votes.

Yes, the republicans ran on a platform of cutting spending. But if history is any indicator
the “borrow and spend” party will not be able to put together a piece of legislation actually cutting spending.

Obama should take a hard nose stance and call the republicans bluff on this. The democrats ability to get health care reform through Congress suggest they have the ability to play hardball. So show the republicans that the democrats can really play hardball on this.

I do not believe the republicans will be able to deliver. When it comes to spending, as they say in Texas, the republicans are all hat and no cattle.