Stimulus work project

I-15 CORE project as reported by notes lots of jobs and local spending.

By Becky Bruce

UTAH COUNTY — The recession may not feel like it’s really over yet, but the Utah Department of Transportation’s I-15 CORE project is helping to the tune of more than a thousand jobs.

The I-15 CORE project has already created 1,000-plus jobs to date, and spokeswoman Heather Barnum says that number could double next summer.

Plus, Barnum says, it’s helping the economy in other ways.

“When you’re building a road you need aggregates, you need steel, you need trucks, even, on the project,” she said. “So we always try to look, where do we have things locally?”

As a result, 95 percent of the supplies used for the CORE project come from inside the state.

That doesn’t count boosts from other things, like workers stopping for lunch at a local café — all of which contribute to the local economy.