Presimetrics in Parade Magazine

by Mike Kimel

Presimetrics on, er, in Parade (Magazine)

Cross-posted at the Presimetrics blog.

For a long time, I knew the date that Presimetrics, the book I wrote with Michael Kanell, was going to be released – August 11. The date was recently pushed back later in the month. But, the other day some interesting news came up…

Parade Magazine – the Sunday news magazine – will have a quiz based on the book in their Intelligence Report column on August 8th. Parade is distributed with more than 400 newspapers and has a circulation of over 32 million, the largest in the U.S. I believe they will also set up an on-line Q&A with Michael Kanell and I where readers can write in with what is on their mind.

Obviously, all of us involved in the book are very excited by this unexpected development. Black Dog & Leventhal, our publisher, is naturally moving up the release date so I believe the book is now expected to ship at the end of this month.

FWIW, I’m not that good at self-promotion and tooting my own horn, but I think our book can make a contribution to the discourse. Not only do we make a systematic effort to point out graphically what happened across a wide range of issues (and why), we emphasize time and again the importance of looking at information in an easy, intuitive, and methodical way. We think these are things that can have a big effect on society as a whole. If you believe in our approach, please help us get the word out!