Kennedy-Dodd HELP Bill with CBO Scoring

by Bruce Webb

I haven’t gone through the text or the numbers, make of this what you will. But at least we can start with some actual numbers attached.
McClatchy: Kennedy-Dodd unveil cheaper health care bill

Bill Text: SHORTTITLE.—This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Affordable Health Choices Act”

CBO Score

Excerpts and updates may be added under the fold as discussion goes on.

Note 1: Read these tables with care! Page 1 compares currently non-elderly insured to projected non-elderly insured. This is how you end up with 97% of Americans with insurance in 2019 even as that drops to only 90% for non-elderly American citizens. 21 34 million uninsured still seems too high to me but as footnote ‘d’ indicates this includes people eligible for but not enrolled in Medicaid.