2009 Social Security Report: to be released Tuesday Afternoon

The 2009 Report of the Trustees of Social Security released at 3 PM East Cost Time. File names have been updated and should work. If for some reason they are different you should be able to access the PDF and HTML versions or order the paper version at Reports from the Board of Trustees

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Table of Contents
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Economic Assumptions under the Three Alternatives
Trust Fund Ratio under the Three Alternatives
Key numbers:
Shortfall (CBO’s Primary Surplus/Deficit) moves from 2017 to 2016
TF Depletion: Combined 2041 to 2037, DI alone 2025 to 2020, OAS alone 2041 to 2039
(See DI: Sick Man of Social Security)
Payroll Gap: 2.01%
Unfunded open group liability: $4.4 trillion to $5.3 (per Biggs I guess people in the past somehow got $900 billion more in benefits over the last year)