Health care is 20% by volume of the stim bill…no discussion?

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Stimulus Bill Part II
Why is the stimulus bill (H.R. 1) more than 1000 pages?

More than 200 of those pages are health care reform, including a massive health care IT plan.

How much time was spent debating the largest health care reform plan of the past two decades?


Also included are updates on HIPAA security and privacy, and perhaps the provisions that will shape the future of U.S. health care, the “effectiveness review” plan. I just reread Tom Daschle’s book, and his brief stint as almost-Secretary allowed him to have immense influence.

In front of me is a full 3″ ring binder, perhaps containing the future of our health care system, perhaps not.

First, a few days with the grandchildren. Then, the work continues in earnest.

Update: I was curious. Printed in pieces from the Thomas site, I have 261 pages.

Vtcodger says in update: I take the main points — and they are good ones — to be:

1. Hardly anyone actually read the stimulus package.
2. We have somehow possibly restructured US Healthcare with no discussion or debate