Biting satire

by James Flannery

Screw You Haikus, Take Two

Bubba in Ford Truck

made by Percy in Detroit

barks, “buy American!”

Percy in Nissan

made by Bubba in Dixie

scoffs, “Fords really suck!”

The end of NASCAR—

that might turn Alabama

blue in a hurry

Clinton, born Redneck,

sought to feign the aristocrat

revealed a Redneck

Bush feigned a Redneck

pedigree of aristocrat

revealed a Redneck

This is the fruit of

Woodstock Generation:

two stinking Yahoos

if red states are Ying

and if blue states are the Yang

both stuck up Ying-Yang


will need a Redneck buddy

when protein grows scarce

Ponder Cheney’s stent:

it is not in the right place

to ease scatoma

— Satire by James Flannery, 2008

Copyright waived. Please distribute freely.

author due credit