Obama’s Cabinet

Robert Waldmann

has some concern that, having been elected President of the USA with a brown skin and middle name Hussein, Barack Obama is looking for a real challenge. He is known to be much interested in “Team of Rivals” wants Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State and Joe Lieberman to impartially investigate whether he is putting America firs.

Based on the idea that Obama wants a cabinet of rivals, I make the following predictions

State Hillary Clinton
Defence John McCain
Attorney General Eric Holder (already announced sigh I was expecting David Addington)
Treasury Douglas Holtz-Eakin
HHS Charles Krauthammer MD
Intelligence Director Steve Clemons
Labor Mark Penn
Interior Ralph Nader
Energy Sarah Palin
Commerce Glenn Hubbard
Vetarans Saxby Chambliss
Transportation Ted Stevens
Education Pat Robertson president of Liberty University
HUD Newt Gingrich
Homeland Security Michelle Malkin
Agriculture Tony Harper
UN John Bolton

update: My dream Cabinet after the jump

State Juan Cole (I mean it)
Defence Richard Clarke (don’t ask why I want him in defence and I won’t tell)
Attorney General Glenn Greenwald (this is absolutely serious)
Treasury Brad DeLong (or Paul Krugman if DeLong is not available)
HHS George Mitchell (total hero of the Clinton failed reform effort)
Intelligence Director Valerie Plame
Labor Larry Katz (been there done that — sortof)
Interior Richard Waldmann (he’s my brother)
Energy Michael O’Hare (really the whole RBC community)
Commerce Merge with Treasury
Veterans Max Cleland
Transportation Duncan Black
Education Claudia Goldin
HUD Atrios (OK so I cheated).
Homeland Security Abolish the department
Agriculture Jim Hightower
UN Zalmay Khalilzad
(holy mother of Allah, I agree with Bush on something)