Fox News Warns


Fox News Warns

What’s with Fox? On their website, they have this piece:

Obama to Inherit Economy in Worst Crisis in 70 Years
Barack Obama’s presidential election victory comes with an albatross of a prize — an economy beset by a stubborn housing slump and the worst financial crisis in 70 years.

Even they weren’t saying that 8 years ago… after 8 years of Bill Clinton. Isn’t it time for them to start working the referee, laying the groundwork for how Obama ruined the economy with an eye on the race four years from now? There’s the opportunity out there to make him into another Jimmy Carter; just as Republicans talk non-stop about the inflation and high employment as if to imply that Carter created the 1970s, four years from now they could be talking about how this whole economic meltdown began under Obama. Fox is clearly slacking off.
But perhaps Fox has good reason to warn us that things could still get much, much worse. Consider this story, also on Fox:

Treasury’s Top Deputies to Stay for Presidential Transition
Treasury Sectreary Hank Paulson’s top deputies have agreed to remain in their jobs through Jan. 20.


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