Follow-up to the previous spam

The Nigerians appear to be back, sending me the same e-mail as before, clearly in desperation:

My Friends,

I hope you’ll take the time today to read the email below from Governor Palin.

I guess everyone else had my reaction. (As an aside, am I the only one who sees “My Friends” at the opening of a note and immediately thinks of Sweeney Todd?)

While I don’t get much time to watch television on the campaign trail, I did see many of these attack ads watching the Arizona Cardinals play the Dallas Cowboys a few Sundays ago.

That would have been October 12th. Two Sundays—ten days—ago. Far be it for me to cast aspersions on McCain’s memory; he does such a good job of it himself.

Objective observers have said these ads are full of misinformation

That’s the second time he claims something like that. You would think there would be a source. Looks more like “illegitimate election framing.”
Followed by Palin’s original e-mail, including:

If Senator Obama is elected and Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid are in charge of Congress, there will be nothing stopping them from raising your taxes, immediately pulling out of Iraq and placing your healthcare decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats.

Yeah, really hate the idea of immediately pulling out of Iraq. And taking my your healthcare decisions out of the hands of HMO claims reviewers in Mumbai who make minimum wage is a Really Bad Idea.

The same disclaimer appears at the end:

Because the McCain-Palin Campaign is participating in the presidential public funding system, it may not receive contributions for any candidate’s election. [i.e., they received as much as they could from the taxpayers, and calculated—probably correctly—that it was more than they would have received if they had opted out.]

so what, exactly, would the money do?

However, federal law allows the McCain-Palin Campaign’s Compliance Fund to defray legal and accounting compliance costs and preserve the Campaign’s public grant for media, mail, phones, and get-out-the-vote programs. Contributions to McCain-Palin Victory 2008 will go to the Compliance Fund, and to participating party committees for Victory 2008 programs.

Legal costs (The team for Palin, not to mention the voter fraud settlement in Michigan, check), Accounting Compliance (Palin’s taxes? check), media (how much are they paying Sean Hannity?), mail (that flyer in Missouri, check), phones (Sarah “I hate robo-calls” Palin’s new robocall, check), and GOTV programs (riot police, check), and “participating party committees” (Palin wardrobe, check).

Good uses of money all, to be certain.