Actually, "The Field" is Odds-on

Via Mankiw, who notes that “among economists listed” at PinnacleSports, Martin Feldstein is the favorite.

I was going to snark that that must be because they have a lousy field for bettors, but Mankiw links to Ladbrokes, too, where people rationally expect that declaring Economics once and for all irrelevant (i.e., giving the award to Fama and/or French [UPDATE: Tyler Cowen disagrees.) is The Way to Bet.

Comparing the two lists, there is only one possible conclusion: PinnacleSports has a lousy field for bettors.

Sadly, neither has EconoSpeak favorite William Easterlin on the list, while my pick*—William Baumol—rates as ones of the longest betting shots at Ladbrokes.

*I’ve been wrong every year, so selling Baumol at 40:1 is probably a better bet than Phillies over Dodgers or Red Sox over Tampa Bay.